• RCP Toolbox 1.0.3 on sale 08 January 2009
    Our next version of the toolbox is quite a bit behind schedule, so we have decided to put the current version 1.0.3 on half-price sale. This offer will last at least until V1.1 gets released. And if we get enough sales we might be inspired to give v1.1 for free to all v1.0.x owners :-).

  • New version in the pipeline… 10 November 2008
    In between all the consulting work and other projects, we’re working hard at readying the next version of RCP Toolbox (maybe in time for Christmas? Not that it would be on the top-10 list of christmas gadgets). We’re planning some nifty improvements, including a validating combo-box and some additional error/warning indication options. If we can, we’ll throw in integration with the JFace Databinding API as well… and not forgetting a trial version of the library.Let us know what would be on your wishlist for RCP Toolbox.

  • Validation Framework on EclipseZone 21 July 2008
    An article featuring the RCP Toolbox’s Validation framework has been published on EclipseZone. Visit  EclipseZone for an interesting read.

  • RCP Toolbox 1.0.1 Beta available 18 July 2008
    The 1.0.1 Beta version of the RCP Toolbox has added support for Combo and CCombo widgets to the Validation Framework, among some other minor changes. The beta version is also available for download when buying v1.0.  We will release the final 1.0.1 version shortly on this website. We have received good and interesting feedback and suggestions on version 1.0 of the toolbox, and we’re planning what of our future releases will contain which of the requested features. So keep an eye on this space… 

  • RCP Toolbox 1.0 is released 02 July 2008
    We are very proud to announce that we have released version 1.0 of the RCP Toolbox. Please visit our Products page for more information. You are welcome to download the RCP Toolbox Whitepaper, also listed in the Product Overview of RCP Toolbox.