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    Product Overview
    Version 1.0.3 now on half-price sale! RCP Toolbox provides custom widgets, composites and other very helpful classes to be used when developing Eclipse™ 3.3 & 3.4 SWT, JFace or RCP applications. It also includes a lightweight yet powerful Validation framework.

    We packaged it in two flavours: as a normal JAR file that you can use in a SWT or JFace project, and as a RCP Plugin that you can refer to from your own plugin(s).

  • what they say
    • The RCP Toolbox has enhanced the user interface of our product. Its libraries are of high quality and have saved us many hours of development.
      Craig Hewetson – Software Engineer
    • The RCP Toolbox we downloaded from Sourceforge really enhanced our product, and saved a lot effort. Can’t wait for the commercial version.
      Richard – Java Developer