consultation has a number of senior software architects and developers available and has strategic alliances with even more. We offer consultation services to companies in the following areas:

  • Analysis and Design
  • Java™ GUI Technologies: Eclipse Rich Client Platform (RCP), Swing , Eclipse GEF (Graphical Editing Framework), Visualization libraries like yFiles, Java Server Faces.
  • Other Java Technologies: J2SE, J2EE, Java Media Framework (JMF), Java Sound, JDBC
  • Performance Tuning of Java Applications
  • Project Troubleshooting
  • Mentoring: we can provide mentoring while consulting at a company, in order for the team to continue on its own after a while, without needing an external consultant.


Full House development: We offer full software development services, from the initial requirements analysis phase up to the delivery of the final product.

Contracting: We can also be contracted to develop only part of a system or to handle only part of a development process, e.g. designing the system architecture, prototyping, etc.

UI/UX Design and Development: Most of the projects done by us specializes in GUI components and frameworks, thus we have extensive experience in graphical user interface (GUI) design and development. We offer GUI design and development services, from initial drawings on a white board, through prototyping to the final product.

We use the latest in GUI development technologies, like the Eclipse Rich Client Platform (RCP).

prototyping and research

Many companies cannot afford to investigate the different technologies that can be used to solve a particular business problem, either because of time or cost constraints or usually because of both.

This can lead to a choice in technology that later turns out to be poorly suited for the job at hand, which in turn leads to a lot of extra development costs and projects that are far behind schedule.

We offer prototyping and technology research services. This includes:

  • Research of a particular technology that a client is interested in, delivering a detailed report on the feasibility of using this technology for a particular project or business solution. This can include Proof of Concept implementations to test specific features of a technology.
  • Implementation of prototypes that can be used as demos, or to gain more certainty about a technology’s suitability for a specific business solution.
  • what they say
    • The RCP Toolbox has enhanced the user interface of our product. Its libraries are of high quality and have saved us many hours of development.
      Craig Hewetson – Software Engineer
    • The RCP Toolbox we downloaded from Sourceforge really enhanced our product, and saved a lot effort. Can’t wait for the commercial version.
      Richard – Java Developer